About the game

Dadagrams is a variation of Scrabble I play with my Dad where we both play with the same letters each turn. I created this online version so we can keep playing together after I recently left home.

Am I playing against a real person?

Yes. Dad plays the daily puzzle a day before everyone else and his score is saved to a database. Sometimes he forgets to play on Sundays.

Who is Dad? 🥸

Dad is 65 years old living in Dundee, Scotland. He recently retired and now spends far too much time playing puzzle games.


Your word must start in the first square and be at least 2 letters long. 2x and 3x squares double and triple the value of that letter.

What dictionary does the game use? 📕

We currently use the Collins 2019 Scrabble dictionary to check valid words.

Contact us

You can message Dad on Twitter or email me here with feedback!